When you go to a martial arts tournament, you are sitting in the audience and witness the beauty and grace of a liquid form or kata running with the clock and skilled movements of a ballet dancer in the finals of a dramatic opera. Another ring of the same martial arts tournament, especially in kickboxing, you can see opponents in a contest of “sparring point” where they do not even have to make contact, they just theoretically be deemed to have made contact through the defenses their opponents take while sparring.


A punch is pushed into the face of an opponent, referees and throw a flag in the air to show that a “point” has been won. How elegant, right? This amounts to “play tag”, but only with uniforms and eastern-style martial arts barefoot techniques. Furthermore, we must not forget the full-contact competition where guards, helmets, chest and knee pads are donned go “full contact” – but in a sense protected with referees there to ensure that nobody really hurts each other.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

What happens the when a knock down drag out fight “without taboos” MMA match takes place?

(Hmm, they still wear gloves.)

Simply visit competitive sport martial arts classes, and you’ll see there is a set of clearly defined rules.

And some movements are illegal: Eye gouging, finger breaking, biting, etc

Listen, the fact that there are no rules outside competitive sport martial arts class, either karate or MMA tournament fights in cage matches, a viable choice for learning how to fight.

However, in the street – there are no rules.

Rodrigo Nogueira vs Frank Mir

For self defense in the real world, you need to use Reality-Based Self Defense. Period. And you must become a “dirty” fighter to survive.

In the streets, if and when necessary, you should also be able to eye gouge, bite whatever is available, and break a lot fingers, or whatever you can get a hold of.

To survive, you must be able to do what it takes – and use every last one of these clandestine movements rather than traditional Martial Arts and sports tournaments Mixed Martial Arts.